liposomal vitamin c and glutathione

Liposomal Vitamin C + Glutathione

SANUS-q Liposomal Vitamin C provides you with 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 30 mg of Glutathione per 5ml serve. It is an antioxidant powerhouse. It is very easy to take! Simply swallow 5ml alone or with a little dash of juice, 30 minutes before or after a meal. Your immunity, iron levels (if already low), skin, and heart health will be greatly supported and improved.

Vitamin C isn’t made in our bodies, but it’s a crucial vitamin for health and longevity. Our diet doesn’t always offer satisfactory amounts of vitamin C, even less so once cooking and poor absorption into the body are considered. Lack of vitamin C can lead to skin issues, achy joints, gum issues, lowered immunity and iron deficiency. Regular vitamin C supplements struggle to reach the cells, reducing the potency and effectiveness. A large portion of the vitamin content is lost during digestion. Liposomal vitamin C, on the other hand, shoots straight to the cells without going through the digestion process.

What does Vitamin C do?

  • Supports the heart by helping to keep inflammation down and arteries clear
  • Fights free radicals and prevents premature cellular aging
  • Facilitates collagen production for healthy muscles, skin, bones and joints
  • Bolsters the immune system for effective fighting against bacterial and viral illnesses

What does Glutathione do?

  • Reduces oxidative stress (from free radicals)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps to detoxify the liver
  • Processes and cleanses chemicals and heavy metals