Magnesium and insomnia connection

Magnesium benefits in Insomnia

antioxidants in healthy aging

Role of antioxidants in healthy aging

misdiagnosed thyroid

Why is thyroid disorder often misdiagnosed? – Part 2

Are you on thyroid medication but still feel no improvement in your symptoms? Chances are your thyroid issue has not been correctly diagnosed. You may be on thyroid hormone replacement to normalize your TSH and T4 levels but what if the root cause of your issue is impaired conversion of T4 to T3? Did your doctor look into a possible auto-immune element?

thyroid disorder misdiagnosed

Why thyroid disorder is often misdiagnosed? – Part 1

Your thyroid is an extremely important endocrine gland, responsible for so many critical functions necessary to maintain overall good health. Every cell in the body has receptors for thyroid hormones. This fact highlights the role the thyroid gland plays in the body.

health effects of air pollution for kids

Exposure to Air Pollution May Damage School Kids’ Memory, says a new study

According to a 2017 UNICEF report, “nearly 17 million babies live in areas where outdoor air pollution is at least six times higher than international limits – potentially putting their brain development at risk simply because of the air they breathe.”

kids and antibiotics

Dangers of Antibiotics for Children

home heating and your health

Heating Your Home and Health Consequences

You might have central heating, radiators, a fireplace, or one of the many different types of room heaters that are available in the market.